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Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP
Full Root Access
Full Root Access
SSD Disk Drives
SSD Disk Drives
200 MB/S Network
200 MB/S Network

Boost Your Web Presence with VPS Hosting in India: Affordable and Reliable Solutions

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a great option for businesses and individuals in India who want to improve their web hosting without paying a lot of money for a dedicated server. VPS hosting splits a server into multiple virtual servers, where each user gets a dedicated slice of the server with guaranteed resources. This guide explores the advantages of VPS hosting in India, highlighting affordable options, the key differences between Linux and Windows hosting, and the best practices for selecting a VPS provider.

Discover Affordable VPS Hosting in India

The demand for cheap VPS hosting in India has suddenly increased, driven by the growing need for more control, flexibility, and performance than shared hosting can offer. Fortunately, the Indian market is full grown with affordable VPS solutions that cater to a wide range of needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. Whether you’re looking for cheap VPS server options in India or low-cost hosting solutions, there are many choices available that offer affordability with high performance and reliability.

Linux vs. Windows Hosting: Choosing What's Best for You

When it comes to VPS hosting, one of the critical decisions you'll face is choosing between Linux and Windows hosting platforms. Here's a brief overview to help you understand the differences:

  • Linux VPS Hosting is renowned for its stability, security, and efficiency. It supports a wide array of programming languages and databases, making it a preferred choice for developers and those familiar with open-source technologies.
  • Windows VPS Hosting, on the other hand, is ideal for websites reliant on Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET. .NET CORE or MSSQL. It works very well with Windows-based applications and supports them, so businesses that use a lot of Microsoft products like it.

  • Choosing between Linux and Windows hosting ultimately depends on your specific requirements, including the technologies you plan to use, your budget, and your technical expertise.

Spotlight on Windows VPS Hosting in India

Windows VPS hosting in India offers the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and ease of use for businesses leveraging Microsoft technologies. With dedicated resources and the ability to host multiple websites, Windows VPS hosting is an excellent choice for businesses looking for an upgrade from shared hosting solutions.

The Role of Dedicated Servers in India's Hosting Landscape

For those who have websites with a lot of visitors or applications that need a lot of resources, dedicated server hosting gives the best performance and control. While dedicated servers come at a higher cost compared to VPS hosting, they provide unparalleled resources, security, and customization options, making them ideal for large-scale enterprises or websites with specific requirements.

Choosing the Right VPS Provider: Web Server India

When selecting a VPS hosting provider in India, it's crucial to consider factors such as reliability, customer support, scalability, and security. Web Server India stands out as a provider offering robust VPS solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Indian businesses. With a focus on delivering high-quality, affordable hosting services, Web Server India ensures that your website runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

VPS hosting in India presents a flexible, cost-effective solution for those looking to enhance their web hosting experience. Whether you opt for Linux or Windows VPS hosting, the key is to choose a provider that aligns with your technical requirements, budget, and growth aspirations. With the right VPS hosting solution, you can achieve improved performance, reliability, and scalability, positioning your website for success in the competitive digital landscape.

Processor Cores/Threads Memory Storage Bandwidth Location Price Monthly
V4 2 Cores 4 GB 20 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹550/moRegular - ₹700/mo ORDER
V4 4 Cores 8 GB 50 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹599/moRegular - ₹1100/mo ORDER
V4 2 Cores 4 GB 200 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹850/moRegular - ₹1100/mo ORDER
V4 4 Cores 8 GB 200 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹1050/moRegular - ₹1100/mo ORDER
V4 8 Cores 16 GB 400 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹1199/moRegular - ₹1700/mo ORDER
V4 4 Cores 8 GB 200 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Mumbai ₹1150/moRegular - ₹1300/mo ORDER
V4 8 Cores 16 GB 200 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹1650/moRegular - ₹2000/mo ORDER
V4 16 Cores 32 GB 1000 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹1699/moRegular - ₹2300/mo ORDER
V4 10 Cores 20 GB 500 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹3199/moRegular - ₹5300/mo ORDER
V4 12 Cores 32 GB 1000 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹5199/moRegular - ₹7300/mo ORDER
V4 16 Cores 64 GB 2000 GB SSD
200 MBPS
Noida ₹11299/moRegular - ₹15500/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 4 Cores 8 GB 200 GB SSD
Noida ₹2399/moRegular - ₹2900/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 6 Cores 12 GB 400 GB SSD
Noida ₹3399/moRegular - ₹3900/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 8 Cores 16 GB 1000 GB SSD
Noida ₹4399/moRegular - ₹4900/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 10 Cores 20 GB 2000 GB SSD
Noida ₹5499/moRegular - ₹5900/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 12 Cores 32 GB 4000 GB SSD
Noida ₹7399/moRegular - ₹7900/mo ORDER
Gold Processor 16 Cores 64 GB 6000 GB SSD
Noida ₹10499/moRegular - ₹11500/mo ORDER

No Refund for VPS Hosting

Web Server India, a division of Azonic Infotech Private Limited, does not offer refunds for any of its VPS Hosting Services. Any prepayments or account credits are non-refundable and non-transferable to other accounts.


Learning about the advantages, differences, and suitability of VPS hosting compared to other types of hosting. Understanding how to access, update, secure, and manage your VPS server using various tools and methods. Getting assistance from us for any issues or questions that you may have. Making informed decisions about choosing, upgrading, or migrating to a VPS hosting plan that meets your needs and budget. I hope the following FAQs helps. If you need more information then contact our support team. Thank you for your interest in Web Server India VPS hosting.

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It is a type of hosting that gives you a dedicated server space on a shared physical server. You get your own operating system, disk space, bandwidth, and root access, while sharing the server resources with other VPS users.

VPS hosting offers you more control, flexibility, and performance than shared hosting, where you have to share the server resources and settings with other users. VPS hosting also costs less than dedicated hosting, where you have to rent an entire server for yourself. VPS hosting is ideal for small or medium businesses that need a reliable and secure hosting solution without breaking the bank.

Web Server India offers you fast, secure, and scalable VPS hosting with the following benefits:

  • Free migration service from your current hosting provider to our VPS hosting
  • Choice of Linux or Windows operating system
  • Choice of cPanel or Plesk control panel
  • SSD storage for faster performance
  • Unlimited domains, subdomains, email accounts, and databases
  • Full root access and SSH access
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical support

Getting started with VPS hosting from Web Server India is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose a VPS plan that suits your needs and budget
  • Select your preferred operating system and control panel
  • Enter your domain name or register a new one
  • Complete the payment process and confirm your order
  • Wait for the activation email and follow the instructions to access your VPS

You can manage your VPS hosting from Web Server India using the control panel that you have chosen during the order process. You can also use SSH access to connect to your VPS and perform advanced tasks. If you need any assistance, you can contact our support team anytime via phone, email, or live chat.

Linux and Windows VPS hosting differ in the operating system that they use. Linux VPS hosting uses Linux, an open-source and free operating system that supports a wide range of applications and programming languages. Windows VPS hosting uses Windows, a proprietary and licensed operating system that is compatible with Microsoft products and services. The choice of operating system depends on your personal preference and the requirements of your website.

cPanel and Plesk are two popular control panels that allow you to manage your VPS hosting easily and intuitively. cPanel is more suitable for Linux VPS hosting, while Plesk can work with both Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Both control panels offer you features such as domain management, email management, file management, database management, security tools, backup tools, and more.

You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS plan anytime from your Web Server India account. Just log in to your account, go to the services section, select your VPS plan, and click on the upgrade or downgrade button. You will see the available options and the price difference. Choose the option that you want and complete the payment process. Your VPS plan will be updated within a few minutes.

You can secure your VPS hosting from Web Server India by following some best practices such as:

  • Using strong passwords and changing them regularly
  • Updating your operating system and applications regularly
  • Installing a firewall and antivirus software on your VPS
  • Disabling unused services and ports on your VPS
  • Restricting access to your VPS by using SSH keys or IP whitelisting
  • Taking regular backups of your data

VPS hosting and cloud hosting are both types of hosting that use virtualization technology to create isolated server environments. However, they differ in the way they distribute the server resources. VPS hosting allocates a fixed amount of resources to each VPS user, while cloud hosting dynamically adjusts the resources according to the demand and availability. Cloud hosting is more scalable, flexible, and reliable than VPS hosting, but it is also more expensive.

You can transfer your website from your current hosting provider to Web Server India VPS hosting by using our free migration service. Just contact our support team and provide them with the details of your current hosting provider and your Web Server India VPS plan. We will handle the entire migration process for you with minimal downtime and hassle. You can also transfer your website manually by using FTP or a backup tool.

You can monitor the performance of your VPS hosting from Web Server India by using the tools that are available in your control panel. You can check the CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, bandwidth usage, and other metrics of your VPS. You can also use third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Pingdom, or GTmetrix to monitor the speed, traffic, and user experience of your website.

Web Server India, a division of Azonic Infotech Private Limited, does not offer refunds for any of its VPS Hosting Services. Any prepayments or account credits are non-refundable and non-transferable to other accounts.
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